Hot Water

We can design, supply, install or just maintain various different types of hot water systems. The main types fall into two categories:

Stored Hot Water

  • Vented Cylinder: This is your typical airing cupboard hot water cylinder, usually fed by a loft tank, which can incorporate an emersion heater.
  • Un-vented Cylinder: This is a more modern system which stores pressurised hot water giving better flow rates and pressures at your taps and eliminates the need for a loft tank as they are mains-fed. They can also incorporate an emersion heater.

On Demand Hot Water

  • Combi Boiler: Combi boilers heat your water as, and when you need it, eliminating the need for space to house a hot water cylinder or a loft tank.
  • Single point: These are smaller water heaters that are usually installed either over or under your sink/basin, which heat the water electrically, as and when you need it.


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